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CoinEx Charity Passes on the Spirit of Charity: Helping Disaster-Stricken Areas Worldwide


• CoinEx Charity has provided worldwide disaster relief programs for over a year, providing food, shelter, and medical assistance to those affected by natural disasters.
• They have extended help to victims of disasters in remote and inaccessible areas with quick and effective responses.
• Most recently, they have provided relief materials such as bed sheets, electronic heaters and tents to people in Iran affected by the earthquake.

CoinEx Charity’s Commitment to Disaster Relief

CoinEx Charity has been dedicated to supporting disaster-stricken areas around the world for over a year by providing free medical, material and financial assistance for those affected by natural disasters. The organization’s commitment to charity has never wavered as their charitable actions have reached the most remote and inaccessible areas bringing key support to victims of disasters.

Disaster Relief Efforts in Iran

2023 is proving a disastrous year for Iran due to earthquakes and economic challenges. On January 28th 2021, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit West Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran leaving three dead and more than 800 injured. The earthquake severely damaged local infrastructure resulting in job loss and income reduction for many households while also increasing refugee numbers in the area. In response CoinEx Charity procured relief materials such as bed sheets, electronic heaters, tents etc., which were then distributed amongst those affected by the disaster as well as setting up temporary shelters for them too.

Other Disasters Around The World

In 2022 there were further natural disasters elsewhere including typhoons, heavy rainfalls and floods hitting countries like Philippines, Brazil and Bangladesh causing devastation amongst local communities requiring immediate aid from outside sources. Here again CoinEx Charity responded swiftly by delivering supplies of food items, medicines along with other essential items whilst also offering financial assistance when needed too thus helping those afflicted recover quickly from these catastrophes.


CoinEx Charity continues its efforts towards providing aid during natural disasters worldwide making sure that individuals suffering from these events are taken care of both medically as well financially so that they can resume their lives with minimal losses due these unfortunate events beyond their control or influence